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    New Zealand books by authors featured in NZine

    Dorothy - 22/12/03

    Peace Plays
    Twilight Burns the Skies
    With Our Eyes Open
    Authors whose work has been featured in NZine write about a wide range of topics. Rob Green, Kate Dewes, write on nuclear issues and disarmament. Roger Keey covers various facets of Hanmer Forest. Kathleen Gallagher has published plays looking at issues for women and for pacifists, collections of her own poetry, a new book for young children, and with Peb Simmons an anthology of Canterbury verse. Ron Giles, the trout fishing enthusiast, helps others get a good catch. Ged Maybury offers humour and fantasy in his children's books. Neville Peat introduces us to Wanaka, and Gavin McLean to Oamaru, its history and its heritage. Lauren Roche tells of the extraordinary events of her early life and about coping with shock and depression in Life on the line. Geoffrey Thornton deals with early New Zealand bridges and early rural churches. Carol Dawber writes local history and detective stories, and Lee Dowrick's poems recreate life in the 1940s and 1950s.

    Available books by Kathleen Gallagher

    To order any of these email

    Mothertongue - a collection of four plays put on by Women's Action Theatre dealing with women's lives and feminist issues

    Peace Plays Three plays, Charlie Bloom dealing with the impact of radiation poisoning, Hautu centred round the detention of conscientious objectors during WWII, and Shanty & The Angel set in an inner city Auckland street at dawn.

    Twilight Burns the Skies
    A collection of poetry which "tells the tale of growing up, living, and dreaming here in this place where twilight burns the sky".

    Poetry edited by Kathleen Gallagher and Peb Simmons
    with photographs by Stefan Roberts
    With Our Eyes Open

    A collection of poems by eleven poets from Canterbury, looking at the world, its joys, beauty, history, suffering and intimacy.

    Mr Twho Among the Flowers
    An unusual tale about a hippopotamus in an inner city garden - with delightful illustrations by Peb Simmons. This book will be enjoyed by imaginative readers, both children and adults.

    Mr Twho Among the Flowers

    Scuttle and the Zipzaps: Beware the Glangwoo / Scuttle Saves
	Fridgelon 5
    Hanmer Forest
    Ged Maybury's books for children
    If you have read The Dream of Bones or Ged's articles under the name of Designasaurus in NZine you will know about Ged's gift for fun and fantasy. His children's books are full of fun and imagination too Scuttle and the Zipzaps: Beware the Glangwoo / Scuttle Saves Fridgelon 5
    Two stories published back to back
    Illustrated by Louise Prout
    These stories are part of the Banana Splits Series: Two chapter book style stories published back to back. Suitable for 7 - 10 year olds.
    What happens? Zac and Zelma Zipzap and their pet flootle Scuttle help to save Fridgelon 5 from the clutches of the evil Glangwoos.

    Scholastic NZ currently have three Ged Maybury titles.
    Each are priced at NZ$15.99:
    Horse Apples
    Pig Apples
    Crab Apples

    Try your local bookstore for these.

    Hanmer Forest: Covenanted Recreational Area
    Text: Roger Keey
    Photographs: Barbara Burry
    Published by the Hanmer Heritage Forest Trust, Hanmer Springs, 2003

    This centennial booklet covers the history, the trees, ferns, wildflowers, fungi and birds of the forest, and the memories of Brooke Dawson, enthusiast for the forest since 1926. There is a clear map of the forest and account of what you can do in Hanmer Forest and where you can go on foot or on mountain bike. Barbara Burry's beautiful photographs provide fine images to enrich the text.

    Cost NZ$12.00, plus postage and packing of NZ$1.50 if posted

    Available from Hanmer Springs Library, the Information Centre Hanmer Springs and the Hanmer Heritage Forest Trust (PO Box 55 Hanmer Springs 8273 NZ)

    All proceeds go to the work of the Forest Trust.

    Books on nuclear issues
    Available from the Disarmament & Security Centre (Aotearoa)

    The Naked Nuclear Emperor
    Debunking Nuclear Deterrence
    Robert Green

    The Naked Nuclear Emperor
    Re-thinking Nuclear Deterrence
    Robert Green writes:
    "It has now become clear that the nuclear weapon states, led by the US, UK and France, cite nuclear deterrence doctrine as the final, indispensable justification for maintaining their nuclear arsenals. Nuclear deterrence must therefore be debunked and alternatives offered if there is to be any serious prospect of eliminating nuclear weapons..... To my knowledge, no attempt has been made since the end of the Cold War to draw together, in a concise form, a comprehensive critique of nuclear deterrence doctrine and safer alternative approaches to achieving security. That is why this booklet is needed."
    NZ$10.00 plus $2.00 p & p within NZ, $7.00 outside NZ

    Re-thinking Nuclear Deterrence
    Summary of Arguments from The Naked Nuclear Emperor Commander Robert D. Green, Royal Navy (Retired)
    In 24 pages, this booklet summarises the arguments from The Naked Nuclear Emperor while omitting the endnotes. Now available in pdf format (3.53 MB), a hard copy version can be ordered from the Disarmament & Security Centre.
    NZ$10.00 include p & p

    Aotearoa / New Zealand at the World Court
    Kate Dewes and Robert Green

    This booklet describes the role New Zealanders played in challenging the legality of the testing, use and threat of nuclear weapons, at the World Court in The Hague. In 1996 the Court issued an Advisory Opinion confirming the general illegality of the threat or use of these weapons, and called on all governments to bring to a conclusion negotiations leading to complete nuclear disarmament under strict and effective international control.
    NZ$10.00 plus $2.00 p & p within NZ, $5.00 outside NZ

    Pacific Women Speak Out for Independence and Denuclearisation
    Edited by Zohl dé Ishtar

    Eleven indigenous women from nine Pacific countries give personal testimony to the continued suffering from the effects of colonialism and nuclear militarism. These inspiring voices of survival and strength range from Belau in US-controlled Micronesia, to the French colony of Tahiti in Polynesia, to West Papua under Indonesian military control. Their personal accounts challenge the romantic images often held about the Pacific.

    NZ$5.00 plus $2.00 p & p within NZ, $5.00 outside NZ

    Bent Not Broken
    Books by Lauren Roche
    Bent Not Broken
    has been summarised as "Lauren's extraordinary journey from prostitute to doctor ...... a story of hope for people who need a second chance." Lauren tells of her turbulent childhood and of troubles with sex and drugs, and the turnaround in her life. Her message is "Whatever happens, don't give up on your dreams!"
    This book will not be readily available until January 2004. It's out of print again, but more are being printed in Taipei. They will get to NZ in early January. The book will be available in bookstores in NZ, UK and Germany.

    Life on the Line
    This is a sequel to Bent Not Broken.
    It is in the bookstores. If you can't get a copy of Bent Not Broken immediately you can still read and appreciate Life on the Line because there is a summary of Bent Not Broken at the beginning. It is a great encouragement to people who struggle with setbacks and depression.


    Hooked on Trout Catch That Trout! Fishing the South Island of New Zealand Catch That Trout! Fishing the North Island of New Zealand
    Ron Giles' books on fishing
    Available in bookshops or from the author
    Hooked on Trout Published Reed Publishing (NZ) Ltd, August, 2000

    NZ$34.95 Hooked on Trout
    This fishing guide for anglers, describes twenty of what he considers the best trout fishing rivers and lakes in New Zealand, chosen on the basis of solitude and the chance of a quality catch.

    Catch That Trout!
    Fishing the South Island of New Zealand
    Catch That Trout! is the complete guide to fly fishing for trout in the South Island of New Zealand. This book has been designed so that any angler, either from New Zealand or overseas, can quickly identify the type of water they prefer to fish; be it wild mountain streams or gentle lowland waters.

    Catch That Trout!
    Fishing the North Island of New Zealand

    This is the North Island follow up to the best-selling South Island version. Like the South Island book it enables any angler to select the type of water they prefer to fish and then quickly select the technique and flies to use on that particular type of river or lake.

    Oamaru History and Heritage The Lake Wanaka Region
    Otago books published by University of Otago Press

    Gavin McLean
    Oamaru History and Heritage

    This is more than just an excellent guidebook with fine photos. The account of the history, especially of the whitestone buildings, is fascinating.

    Neville Peat
    The Lake Wanaka Region

    Neville Peat's guides to the back country in the south of New Zealand are well known, and this one reaches the usual high standard - useful and well organised information, fine photos and clear maps.

    Carol Dawber at the River Press
    Detective Fiction
    Carol's first love is crime fiction and she is working on her fourth novel in a series featuring librarian Liz Gray and detective Doug Fisher.

    Backtrack Earthwork Sounds Easy
    The following books are available from River Press.

    Sounds Easy
    All NZ$16.95

    Bainham, a History Guides Alive, the Nelson Story
    The Jacksons of Te Awaiti Inheriting the Dream
    Ferntown to Farewell Spit
    Non-fiction on topics related to Nelson and Marlborough
    Bainham, a History
    NZ $42.50
    North of Kahurangi, West of Golden Bay
    Golden Bay photo history with Cheryl Win
    NZ $49.95
    Guides Alive, the Nelson Story
    Nelson regional Girl Guide history
    The Jacksons of Te Awaiti
    Marlborough Sounds whaling and family history
    NZ $59.95
    Inheriting the Dream
    Nelson region dairy companies history
    Ferntown to Farewell Spit
    Golden Bay photo-history

    Geoffrey Thornton
    Bridging the Gap: Early Bridges in New Zealand 1830-1939

    Bridges are often seen as little more than useful works of architecture: they help us cross rivers and ravines, gullies and ditches. Bridging the Gap, however, makes an excellent argument for thinking of many of our bridges in New Zealand as works of art. Geoffrey Thornton has nurtured a lifelong interest in bridges and in this book he examines the architecture construction and financial, social and political history of some of New Zealandís earliest bridges.

    Worship in the Wilderness: Early Country Churches of New Zealand

    Country churches in New Zealand - whether architecturally beautiful or set amongst beautiful scenery - have become an important and often undervalued part of our built environment. In Worship in the Wilderness architectural authority Geoffrey Thornton celebrates New Zealand's country churches and examines the architectural features as well as the history of each building.

    Bridging the Gap: Early Bridges in New Zealand 1830-1939 Worship in the Wilderness: Early Country Churches of New Zealand
    Both books are published by Reed Books, a division of Reed Publishing (NZ) Ltd.

    Lee Dowrick
    I run in my stilettos

    Still available through booksellers or direct from publisher Bookcaster Press, CPO Box 3765, Auckland.
    Lee Dowrick is a poet who makes the 1940s and 1950s in New Zealand come alive through easy-to-read poems that recapture growing up in that era -the excitements, the setting, the customs and the atmosphere.

    I run in my stilettos

    Published with permission from NZine